24 hour emergency plumbing

Response Plumbing. Auckland’s 24 Hour Emergency Plumber

We are available now to help you with your after hours plumbing emergency. Call us day or night and we can be at your home or business in under an hour (on average it takes us 30-45 minutes). Our qualified emergency plumbers are experienced, reliable and available 365 days a year.

Why Response Plumbing

• Will be at your home within 1 hour of receiving your call

• Excellent customer satisfaction

• 24 hr access to specialist plumbing supplies

• Clean and tidy

• We only provide you certified plumbers

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Plumbing emergencies are our specialty

Our 24 hour plumbers have been to every type of emergency and Response Plumbers are no strangers to finding hidden water leaks, unblocking overflowing drains and getting your hot water working.

When is a plumbing problem an emergency

Some plumbing emergencies can wait until business hours, saving you some money. However, a lot of our customers like the convenience of having their plumbing problem fixed immediately. Especially as small water problems can turn into big expensive plumbing problems if they are not fixed promptly. If you are unsure, call us and we will give you an honest answer.

Common emergency plumbing services our customers contact us about:

• Leaking taps

• Burst pipe

• No hot water

• Water tank not pumping

• Leak detection

• Leaking toilet

• Toilet not flushing

• Blocked drain

• Overflowing gutters

• Leaking hot water cylinders

• Leaking water mains

• Sewage blockage

• Leaking pipe

• Underground leak

• No water pressure

Common Plumbing Questions

What are your after hour plumbing rates?

After hour rates apply between 5pm – 7:30am. If you are in Auckland, we do not charge you for travel or mileage fees.

• Standard Response Plumbing prices applies if the job takes longer than an hour.

Most home plumbing emergencies can be fixed within that hour. Once our plumber is onsite, they will be able to quickly assess your plumbing emergency and will discuss your options. That way, you get to choose the best, cost effective solution.

What should I do if I have a water leak?

Every water leak is different, but turning of your water mains (this is usually found at the front of your house with either a blue or black cover) may help prevent further damage to your house and property. Call us immediately and a Response Plumber will be at your home to fix your leak. If you have flexible braided hoses in your house contact us before they start leaking.

I have no hot water? My hot water is luke warm?

There can be a number of issues, but no hot water usually means your heating element or thermostat in your hot water cylinder needs replacing. A Response Plumber can fix this problem once onsite and have hot water running in less than hour in most cases. We can also install a new hot water cylinder or upgrade your water pressure to improve water flow for your shower and taps.

Help, my drains are blocked and over flowing.

With Auckland’s storms becoming more torrential, blocked and over flowing drains are becoming more common and can cause extreme water damage to your house if ignored. We have specialist equipment that allows us to find the cause of the blockage, saving you time and money. We have a local plumber near you and we are available 24 hours across Auckland to unblock your drains.