Water Filter Replacements & Installations, Auckland

Contact our friendly customer service agents. We’ll guide you through our Water Filter product range and find the Water Filter most suitable for your home or workplace. Save money by selecting the best Water Filter for your needs. Response Plumbing supply, deliver and install water filtration systems for Auckland Home owners.

Want truly clean water straight from every tap in the house?

Whole house filtration, is the current trend on mains water supply. Why filter one tap in the kitchen, when you can filter the water in your whole home. Feel the difference when your showering and bathing in chemical, chlorine-free water, it really makes a difference. 

Water Filter Installation Auckland

A little known fact is that each time you have a glass of water straight from the tap or buy bottled water, it’s highly likely that you‘re ingesting a much higher dose of harmful chemical than you are aware of including chlorine, fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes (THMs), various hormones and pesticides.

We supply:

  • Single Filters
  • Double Filters
  • Triple Filters
  • Undersink Water Filters
  • Benchtop Water Filers

We supply replacement filters too

We service all types of underbench and bench top filters, even the hard to get parts for ones! So give us a call, we can advise on site the best replacement filter and change it over on the spot. We also service and replace leaky water filter taps, so, stop the drips and make sure your pipe and connections are safe and will last until the next service interval.
New filter
New filter
1 Month Old Filter
1 Month Old Filter

Above are before and after pictures from real life usage of one of our customers. It's amazing how much dirt and bacteria the filter removes from the water. You can see it here built up in the filter, turning it from white into a brown colour. Clean water and happy customers!

How does it work?

What does the filter remove?


Filters out dirt and other small particles in the water


Reduces chlorine and other common chemicals


Removes parasitic cysts giardia and cryptosporidum


Reduces lead and various other heavy metals

Benefits of a home water filter system

Amazing tasting water

Reduces limescale on appliances

Prevent skin irritation

Reduce plumbing issues

Remove unwanted nasties

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