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We are available now to help you with your hot water problems. Call us day or night and we can be at your home or business in less than an hour. We can fix leaky or faulty hot water systems, improve your existing water pressure or install a new hot water cylinder. Our team of local plumbers are experienced, reliable and available 365 days a year.

Leaking hot water cylinder?

If you have found your hot water cylinder is leaking, you need to get a plumber to fix it. Leaks can be caused by several reasons, including loose connections, cracks in the pipe, too much pressure, a crack in the tank or corrosion due to age.

A leaky hot water cylinder will cost you money by increasing electricity, water usage and may cause extensive water damage to your home. Hot water heating can account for around 30% of your power bill, so it is important to get this sort of problem fixed immediately. Your Response Plumber will be able to quickly find the problem and provide you an affordable solution.

Should you repair or install a new hot water cylinder?

If your existing hot water cylinder is less than 10 years old and your water isn’t at a desirable temperature, we recommend repairing it. Common faults are typically a damaged or faulty hot water element or thermostat. One of our after hour local plumbers can be at your place within an hour to fix your emergency. If your hot water cylinder is leaking, you may want to consider upgrading your hot water system to improve your water pressure and increase your hot water capacity.

Water pressure upgrade

No one likes weak or low water pressure when showering or using a tap. The good news is we have a number of solutions to match your budget and requirements. If you give us a call today we can send one of our qualified plumbers around free of charge to quote you on a water pressure upgrade, whether you have a low pressure or a mains pressure system.

Hot water cylinder replacement

Whether your hot water cylinder is leaking or you just want an upgrade, we can replace your cylinder the same day you call. We supply all the leading brands in the industry such as Rheem, HJ Cooper, Silver Bullet and offer you competitive prices on water cylinders of all sizes.

We can repair and install the following hot water cylinders

Mains pressure

Low pressure




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