Residential maintenance plumbing

Response Plumbing. Auckland’s 24 Hour Residential Plumber

We can help you with all your home maintenance plumbing requirements. While some plumbers only work 9-5pm, Response Plumbers are available 24 / 7. So, if you need your toilet or shower to be installed in the evening, we can be there. Our qualified plumbers are experienced, reliable and available right across Auckland, 365 days a year.

Why Response Plumbing

• Excellent customer satisfaction

• Years of experience plumbing new and existing Auckland homes

• Access to a wide range of plumbing supplies

• Clean and tidy

• We only provide you certified plumbers

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Home and bathroom renovations

Our certified plumbers are trained and qualified to install or replace all your residential plumbing requirements. We also have strong relationships with plumbing suppliers so can provide you guidance on the best plumbing supplies for your home. If you are looking to renovate your bathroom or kitchen this is the perfect time to also consider upgrading your hot water cylinder or water pressure. If your house was built between 1970 – 2000 you should check your water pipes. If you have the dux quest black water piping, you may want to replace this when you renovate as it has a bad reputation for bursting. If you are unsure, our Response Plumber can check when they visit your home.

Plumbing maintenance checklist

Regular plumbing maintenance and checkups can keep your home’s plumbing system trouble free. Plumbing maintenance takes only a little time, but can help you identify problems early, saving you time and money in the future. We recommend you check for these faults every 3 months and alert us if you come across any. We can discuss the costs and time involved to repair or replace the fault. In emergency situations, we can be at your place in less than 1 hour to fix the issue.

Common emergency plumbing services our customers contact us about:

Bathroom Plumbing

• Faucet repair

• Clogged shower/bath drain

• Low water pressure

• Luke warm water

• Bathtub plumbing

• Outdoor pipes and drains

• Water heater repair

• Water heater installation

• Drain cleaning

• Blocked drains

Kitchen Plumbing

• Leaking taps

• Pipe repair

• Sink repair

• Garbage disposal repair

• Garbage disposal installation

• Low water pressure

• Dirty water filter

• Outdoor pipes and drains

• Kitchen faucet repair

• Dishwasher installation

Toilet Plumbing

• Toilet repair

• Toilet installation

• Toilet plumbing

• Blocked toilet

• Sewer cleaning

• Clogged drain

• Leaking toilet

• Replace taps

Common plumbing home renovation questions

Does a plumber or builder install a shower and bath?

• Building practices recommend a certified plumber installs baths, showers and sinks. This ensures you meet building requirements and everything is water tight.

• We suggest that you contact a plumber before purchasing your bath, sink or shower. That way you can

get advice on the best options for your individual home circumstances. Your existing pipes or water pressure may limit your options. By contacting us, we can potentially save you thousands of dollars and hours of searching for the right plumbing supplies.

• Response Plumbers install and replace bathrooms and kitchens all the time. We work with you or your builder to ensure a smooth and quick installation.

Can I replace my taps?

Yes you can, and replacing a worn out washer in your tap can be easy. However, things can and do go wrong with simple DIY jobs. If your tap still leaks after you fix it, we are available 24 / 7 for emergency repairs. We can also replace or repair your other taps while we are there, saving you time and money.

How much water does a leaking tap waste?

Just one dripping tap in your house can waste 15,000 litres of water in a year. If you have a leaking tap, you can find out how much water you are wasting. Most taps can be fixed quickly, with very little mess. While we are there, we can even replace your old taps or upgrade them to water efficient taps.

How much water does a leaking toilet waste?

A leaking toilet may not be seen nor heard, but can waste more than 16,000 litres of water a year. To check, put some food colouring in the toilet tank. If, without flushing, the colouring appears in the bowl, you have a faulty toilet. This type of leak typically isn’t an emergency, but can get worse if it isn’t fixed.

Can a plumber help save me money?

Yes. There are a number of options available, from installing new water efficient taps and shower heads, to fitting a pressure limiting valve on your hot water cylinder. indicates that if your current shower head flows at 12 litres per minute and 2 people take a 10 minute shower each day, you’ll use $458 worth of electrically heated water per year. Change that head to one that flows at 8 litres per minute and your hot-water bill drops to $305, saving you $153 a year. If you are interested in saving on your water bill, Response Plumbing can provide you a number of solutions.